Shiga Chuo Kanko Bus Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter called the “Company”), which owns the houseboat “Yakatabune Shiki” work hard to keep its customer’s (hereinafter called “Customer(s)”) information safe and protect from outside intruders.

The Company’s privacy policy (hereinafter called the ”Privacy Policy”) is set out as follows and all executives and employees of the Company as well as collaborating third parties undergo through training with regard to the Privacy Policy.

Appropriate collection, use, provision, and entrustment of personal information

  • When collecting Customer’s personal information, it must be made clear to the Customer that for what aim the information is being collected and the Customer’s agreement must be received. The scope of use of the personal information must be pre-defined, and the handling of the information must be appropriate.
  • In some cases, collected personal information may be provided to third parties in line with the stipulated uses of the information and within the pre-defined scope of use. In such cases the reason for collecting the information must be made clear, the agreement of the Customer must be received and the handling of the information must be appropriate.
  • In some cases, collected personal information may be entrusted to third parties to ensure smooth running of the Company’s business. In such cases, third parties who adhere to the Privacy Policy must be selected and these protection standards must be drawn up in a contract to ensure appropriate handling of the information is taken.

Prevention and/or redress of loss, destruction, corruption, leaking or unauthorized access of personal information

  • The Company carefully manages Customer’s personal information and implements preventative measures against risks including corruption, leakage and unauthorized access and so on. There are concrete rules for the appropriate handling of personal information.

Continuous improvement of Privacy Policy and in-house regulations

  • To ensure efficient implementation of personal information protection as required by society, the Company continuously improve the Privacy Policy and in-house guidelines.

Changes and Amendments

  • The Company may change and amend Privacy Policy from time to time without any prior notices to Customers. When the Company changes the Privacy Policy, The Company will post the latest version on the website. Customers are advised to check the website from time to time.